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Lyrical and lovely thoughts poems. String quartet no 5 in f major k violin 1. My favorite p s and q s journey to freedom. The crystal of.
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Because if you can see a pattern forming as reservations build for a certain date, weekend, week or even an entire month each year, this can be immensely helpful when it comes to forecasting: trying to accurately foresee and calculate projected demand and therefore revenue in future years. Also, Pace can determine aspects such as required staffing levels at certain times.

It also showed the ADR — average daily rate that bookers are paying for accommodation in our area. It was interesting to see that across all types of accommodation for Jan and Feb in our area, bookings are down this year compared to the same period last year. In our area self catered bookings were actually a little bit up.

Did anyone else feel a bit of disappointment at the end?

You can use the Pace reporting to look data from a number of different angles ie:. Clearly there is a lot of data collected by bdc so be sure to delve into it within your extranet and take some time to understand more about what the figures are telling you. We have always been on the strictest possible flexible rate category ie non refundable after 60 days or less before check-in.

Our Account Manager explained how we are excluding many potential bookers from even seeing our properties so suggested that we use a blend of two rate categories as follows:. The theory here being that we cover all the market in terms of rate categories and boost our conversions. If you have multiple properties in your account, your bdc Acc Manager can add the policies at a group level for you to save individual editing. Bdc are hearing more and more from guests that they want to be able to pay differently ie, often in full at the time of booking, and with different payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay and other similar offerings from around the world.

In short, be sure to say yes to accepting alternative online payment methods. There are two main opportunities to increase bookings through bdc as outlined below. Property rankings increase with better visibility to all bdc users. As a Genius partner, your property will get a special Genius tag, ranking boost and better visibility in search results.

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This is far from an exhaustive coverage of what you can do but hopefully serves as a helpful starter for ten. This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Pattrick founder of Dapatchi and hearing him speak. What a joy and inspiration to hear how he has built up a multi-disciplined property investment company.

From humble beginnings in general property maintenance Dan has built up a substantial property business with tens of million pounds of property under development, and nine business divisions covering the full circle of property investing. Thanks for your wisdom Dan. They solve all problems for you and act as a powerful decision making tool. In other words, so much more can be achieved when working with others rather than trying to do it all alone. Every problem can be solved with a partner, so long as the partner shares your values.

You will need a plan on how to mitigate each of these, especially to satisfy lenders.

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Stop asking how to make money and start asking how to add value. Create your systems which will enable your growth, rather than grow before creating the systems. Generally the most successful are the most generous. Accept that now, be brave, take action and be the best you. Recently our mentor advised us on 4 key metrics to focus on, track and measure along the journey to big goal achievement.

Kano - P's and Q's (Official Music Video)

One of those key areas is education. Here are some great questions to help you identify what would be a force multiplier for you in your goal achievement. As Darren eloquently pointed out, success seekers consume too much disjointed learning, in other words, just in case we might need it at some point also referred to as FOMO type learning.

"Your First Step Towards Podcast Discovery"

Instead, Darren reminds us to focus on what we need to learn now, to help achieve our goals now. What will be your biggest force multiplier when it comes to your education for the next few months? This week I read a fascinating article about fear and greed in the stock market. This was the sub-heading-. One of the key messages from the article was the fact that in amongst this massively uncertain political backdrop, investors are having to live with sharp fluctuations in fund and share prices.

The annoying thing about it is that these sharp movements often have nothing to do with the underlying assets or businesses, and everything to do with political events and speculation. The market volatility plays havoc for anyone with a strategy to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. Does this sound familiar for anyone trying to get the timing exactly right to buy a property investment?

It can lead to waiting, and waiting and never actually buying something that could have been making money through rental income that whole time. The past few decades have demonstrated that the best way for investors to cope with the impossibility of market timing is to ignore it. The answer to avoid the stresses of short term fluctuations is to remain fully invested over what you see as your investing lifetime.

For many that will be multiple decades. Again, these are broad principles we can borrow, rather than a hard rule, but these principles hold a lot of value in the world of property. Yes there will be times you can capitalise on a hot market to sell and release capital. However, if buying to sell, rather than hoping that a rising market will create your desired profit, I would rather advocate forcing your increased value by what you add to the property, or by the business you run through it. The lessons borrowed from the stock market world hopefully serve as validation for those already investing in property for the long term, and provide sound pros for those just getting started.

With just over a decade into my own property investing journey I fully intend to be in it for many more. Buy real estate and wait. Do share your thoughts on property investing during uncertain times. Hollywood Cole celebrates, mocks and laments nightclub nature over the course of three outstanding verses. Grime's biggest star of the moment delivers a topical rant for anyone who's ever been harassed on Twitter.

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Kanye West feat. Ye's most lighthearted single in years is still stranger than anything else on the radio, not to mention a masterclass in turns of phrase. The intensity of the British poet and rapper's empathy backs you up against a wall, but she delivers her lyrics, about circumstances that make life feel unlivable, like a caress.

The funk will never die as long as guys like Kendrick are around. Continuing to zig while the rest of rap zags, K Dot invokes the main character from Roots to represent a new millennium "black man, takin' no losses.

A tremendous track, littered with smartly strung alliteration, from one of Chicago's most promising rappers. Keep an eye on him. The D. Mike swims against the current of social media addiction and the cult of celebrity over a jazzy track courtesy of Oddisee. Perspective never sounded so smooth. Onika Maraj steals the show as she is wont to do and turns the tables on Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy in the brothers' follow-up to "No Type. Baltimore Club returns to the national spotlight with its biggest hit since Rye Rye shook it to the ground and brought it back up. A country rap tune brimming with homages, from live, blues-influenced instrumentation to an interpolation of a deep cut by Master P and company.

More Seinfeld samples from the D. Young Thug wants to be sedated. How else can you explain the syrupy, somnambulant version of trap rap we get here and throughout Barter 6? Stylized polyphony a la robot-age New Orleans jazz grows more familiar until you realize it was a FlyLo song, and that it sounds great on clarinet. Electric piano, two saxes and the open highway. The bassist is the leader and beat landscaper and he's doing his job well. Next level Afro-Cuban pulse from a one-of-a-kind drummer who, thankfully, is but one of many to connect Havana and New Orleans.